Kizik Shoes Review

In this article, we’re going to check out two cool pairs of shoes, the Kizik Cairo and Kizik Madrid Eco Knit. These shoes aren’t your typical sneakers, and we’re excited to share what makes them special. You won’t find any fancy names or big endorsements here – just honest thoughts on how these shoes feel, fit, and perform. So, whether you’re a sneaker fanatic or just looking for comfy and convenient footwear, stick around for the inside scoop.

Easy to Put

Comfort you know is very important, I don’t know why maybe it’s because I’m getting older 😂. But something that’s very important for me is how easy is the shoe to put on? Now why i’m saying that is because I’m just lazy and I just want it super-fast. I just recently bought the anta c37 plus and that’s one of the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn in my life, the cushioning setup is absolutely insane. But I don’t really wear it as much because it’s not easy to put on.

But kizik shoes is step further when it comes to put on. You don’t have to use your hands It has a plastic heel counter that helps to cradle your heel.  When the heel is pressed down, it bends, allowing the foot to slip in, and it springs back up once in place. This system eliminates the need to bend down and put your hands on the shoe to open it up, making it quicker and more convenient to put on. It also helps to keep the shoe securely in place. The shoe is designed for comfort and convenience.

Heel Containment

The heel containment is good, when you’re walking around it doesn’t slip at all. When you want to take it off, it is also super easy you just kind of like slip it off. The Madrids has a good amount of cushion foam where your Achilles tendon sits.  But in Cairo there’s really no foam it’s just a very rigid plastic piece, that feel like hurting Achilles and also feel very uncomfortable.

As for the fastening system, it differs between the two models. In the Cairo, there’s a plastic cage, while in the Madrid, it’s more of a plastic piece that encircles your foot. On the bottom where the suede material is there’s really nothing, it just kind of like bends down. But both shoes are super easy to put on. Both Shoes are great option for indoor and outdoor activities, as it is able to keep feet warm indoors while protecting them from the elements outdoors.

Outsole Cushion

There’s really no rubber in outsole it’s just a one-piece kind of like midsole outsole blend. It reminds me of Roshi’s, which pretty much did the same thing. Other thing i don’t like about the outsole is that the grip is not that good. it has slides around and obviously for casual use that doesn’t matter because this has nothing to do with performance. But i like to have a little bit of a grip, I don’t want to slide around when i’m just like casually walking around. So i wish the grip was a little bit better but that’s not a huge deal.

Kizik claims that it has a responsive cushion and it’s soft, but I think Kizik needs to change cushions because it’s actually very stiff, there’s no compression to it. It literally feels like roshi’s, even like like a rubber. The underfoot cushioning doesn’t feel very good or soft either it’s not very good.

You feel very low to the ground when you are on the court, but for a casual shoe, I think it would be awesome if they made it like a softer shoe with like a PVAc foam or something. PVAcs can be very cheap and you can literally use them in your shoe’s technology and that would just make the shoes more comfortable overall.


  • High-quality materials used in both Kairos and Madrid shoes
  • Slightly different knit texture in the Kairos, but fundamentally similar
  • Extremely thin materials that provide excellent breathability
  • Effective ventilation ensures feet stay comfortable and cool
  • Maintains warmth when worn indoors, yet offers good airflow outdoors


Kizik shoes has a basically one booty upper with laces, of course, that i never use or have to use because, you just put it on and there’s really no problems with like lock down the fit. In terms of fitness it’s just a super comfortable very thin, very soft knit. I purchased a true size and it fits me very well. I would say it’s a little bit long and if you want a very snug fit you can go down half a size. It stretches out a good amount because the knit is very soft, I’ve been wearing these for actually a couple of weeks, and initially i just really really love kizik shoes.


The madrid is not bad this kind of looks more like a like old person shoe. But then the cairo looks dope, there’s some really cool colorways as well. I really like the cage design in the heel. It’s functional, it has a purpose and it looks cool too. Overall both kizik shoes looks great and I would definitely recommend you to buy these shoes.

There are two things i would like to be replaced, first is the cushion which I think need to be softer. Second the outsole i wish the grip was a little bit better. The grip I think won’t gonna better because they are trying to keep weight lower (which is 9.4 ounces for mardid and 8.29 ounces for Cairo). But please make the cushions little bit softer.


In conclusion, both the Cairo and Madrid shoes are priced at $130, but a nifty $30 discount awaits if you purchase it from amazon, bringing the cost down to $99. Now, when it comes to comfort, preferences can vary widely. Some folks swear by Vans or Jordan 1s, finding them as comfy as can be. But for me, it’s all about that plush cushioning. What truly sets these shoes apart, though, is the effortless hands-free design. It might not save you a ton of time, but the convenience factor is undeniable. If you’re curious, do you give them a try or not? Then I suggest you to try it once.

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